Earl Grey Tea


Try Earl grey black tea and burst that difficult anxiety and depression to enjoy the life at full pace in the most refreshing way. Bergamot oil in earl grey promotes a sweet citrus flavor which provides fruity taste to the liquor of earl grey.

Health Gain factor - This tea is a rich fusion of the Darjeeling tea and the Assam Black tea. Each cup contains a concentrated amount of flavonoids, amongst other antioxidants, and earl grey gives you the same energy boost as coffee, with the tea containing lower amounts of caffeine than a traditional cup of coffee.

Feel Good Factor - Earl Grey is that blend which is all about feeling good. Its calming effect induces happiness and recharges you for the day ahead.

Quality Factor - Black tea leaves are picked and exclusively collected to blend with the premium bergamot oil, in order to deliver cups that ensure health with taste. No flavors added.

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