Butterfly Blue Pea Flower Tea


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A common Asian caffeine-free herbal tea, known for its visual beauty and medicinal properties; it is imbued with the goodness of antioxidants and detoxifies the body. With its earthy flavour and floral notes, it is the perfect cup to pamper yourself with!

Health Gain Factor :

Blue tea seems to help with weight loss and water retention. It is also helpful in reducing fever, inflammation, and might help relieve pain. Blue pea tea also improves cognitive function as it enhances memory retention. Blue pea tea is also beneficial in certain eye issues as well.

Feel Good Factor :

Blue tea can be made as any other regular tea, by simply adding hot water to the blue tea bag. Ideally, the tea should be had without any sugar or honey. Some people also choose to have blue tea with lemon juice, sugar or honey as it adds an additional boost to the already wonderful beverage.

Quality Factor :

Tea Treasure Blue Pea Tea is a premium quality product made with 100% natural blue pea flowers. It is not only famous for its stunning blue colour but also for its rich flavours. Our Blue Tea is absolutely caffeine-free and it is packed with real goodness of butterfly pea flowers.