Muslin Tea Filter Bags


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Why Muslin Tea Bag?

Eco-friendly  We help to keep our environment as clean as possible by the habit of reusing things more often before they’re disposed.This tea bags made from 100% natural unbleached cotton fabric, domestically grown here in India.

Unbleached / Staple free

Unbleached (chlorine-free) 100% cotton muslin bag with a cotton drawstring are very useful for brewing loose leaf teas as its 100% nontoxic as no plastics and staple are used. Suitable to brew tea with steaming hot water


These cotton bags are fully reusable and washable. It’s an inexpensive, environment-friendly tool for drinking all your loose-leaf tea and herbal infusions.


These light-weight reusable tea bags are perfect tea bags for a tea lover, traveler. You can carry it everywhere; fit in your travel bag, gym bag, lunchbox and even in your clutch. Easy to brew and clean.

Steps Towards a Perfect Cup of Tea : 

  • Fill your favorite tea into the tea bag.
  • Pull the string, close the bag
  • Put it in your mug and add hot water.

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