Tulsi Green Tea - Mini Pack

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Proclaimed “the Queen of herbs” and a sacred herb, Tulsi tea performs wonders and helps with several respiratory illnesses, eliminates toxins, stimulates immunity and helps you fight illness & guards you against cough & cold, to name a few benefits. Tulsi and green tea is recognized by herbalists for its ability to promote a relaxed state of mind, and therefore is without a doubt a perfect go to cup of tea after a long day when all you’re looking for is to de-stress yourself.

Health Factors - Helps you fight illness & guards against cough & cold, feel calm and balanced after drinking. Tulsi tea does wonder in several respiratory illnesses, eliminates toxins, stimulates immunity.

Quality Factors - The “Queen of Herbs,” is the most sacred herb of India. This tulsi green tea is blended with a quality whole leaf green tea and 5 types of tulsi like Shyam Tulsi, Ram Tulsi, Shwet Sursa, Van Tulsi and Nimbu Tulsi.

Feel Good Factors - This tea is not only delicious but it helps to unwind at any time of the day. You immediately start to feel relaxed halfway through drinking your cup of tea. All of the tension built up throughout body is gone by the time you finish your tea.

Ingredients : Shyama Tulsi, Rama Tulsi, Shwet, Sursa, Vana Tulsi.

Steps towards a Perfect Cup of Tea

Heat water to 80-85°C. Place 2g of tea (1 Tea spoon) of tea in the pot for per 200ml of water. Pour hot water from the top of tea-leaves. Let it infuse for 3-5 minutes, according to your taste. Then pour out completely. Note: Can be infused at least 3 times.

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Type: Green tea