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Actual World's Wonder...☕️
My mum is a big time tea lover and i always used to ask her to get rid of this addiction.... But, one fine day a tea treasure coordinator at one of the events told me that tea can be a medicine if used wisely...That conversation was an astonishment for me and now, after using their products i also see TEA as a TREASURE.
My personal recommendations 'Sweet Dreams' and 'White Needle'... Must Must Must try..


The unique blends of Tea Treasure are awesome. I am big fan of Sweet Dreams tea which is blend of camomile Tea.They really take care of the customers, not just the quality of the product but the professionalism and pleasant demeanour of the customer service department. It's nice to deal with a company that cares. Instead of the oh so common "take the money and run" treatment we get so often. Amazing work. Keep rocking Tea Treasure...


From the packaging to the quality of the tea,it is very good. Had sent one to my sister as she is a huge tea lover and it was a true treasure for her. Also they had some technical error and happened to send me the same thing twice. I called them to ask if they could took take back, instead it was offered to me as a Christmas gift. Therefore one more reason why Iam rating it as 5.
Thanks, will be coming back for more. Merry Christmas! �

Mohini Lamichanay Gurung

The teas of Tea Treasure are amazing. I'm in love with so many of their delicious teas! The lemon tulsi is one of my fav! Such great quality not only In there tea but there service as well!
Great going Tea Treasure 󰀀