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January 09, 2020 3 min read

What do you think of when you sip a cup of tea? Well, it varies from people to people and also with the type of tea consumed. It has been found that the type of tea consumed affects our mood, uplifts our broken spirits from a long day, and energizes our souls early in the morning. Various types of teas are found to have excellent mood-boosting properties and perhaps what is really intriguing is you can almost channel all your positive energy in a productive direction while consuming this beverage. Let us embark on a journey to see how different strains of teas consumed, can put you in the mood you desire.


Want to sit back and relax on a lazy evening? Do it while sipping on a drink. Teas that contain rosemary or lemongrass should be consumed as they are found to calm down the body and promote relaxation. Lavender tea is an equally good counterpart as the soothing aroma from the lavender rejuvenates the system and cleanses the mind of all the negative thoughts. Black tea is found to contain amino acid L- theanine which helps the mind to relax and concentrate better. Peppermint tea is a minty, caffeine-free infusion. The organic peppermint leaves provide a perfect match for a cool sensation and enables the mind and body to relax.


Green Tea, native to China and India, are the leaves of Camellia sinensis which are unfermented, and the polyphenols in green tea can influence the availability of dopamine which creates a “happy” state in the brain. Matcha Tea has a unique form of caffeine known as theophylline that sustains the energy level which supports the functionality of adrenal glands which generates the excited state. Ginseng Tea can also be consumed as it contributes to the production of serotonin, which is often found low in people with depression. Brew your own cup of tea which cheers you up! Choose from a wide range of teas in the Cheerful Moods Category which includes some of the best tea flavours like Darjeeling Black Autumn Flush


Cherishing reminisces of the past with a cup of Hibiscus tea is one of the better ways to re-live those moments. Chamomile tea gives the inner calm with a feeling of wholesomeness; is golden scented with hints of lavender and Rose oils. This evokes the feeling of nostalgia, as it fetches the moments from our past and flashes it in front of our eyes. Enjoy those lovely moments of the past with a cup of Assam Masala Chai or the Tulsi Green Tea from our Nostalgic Moods Category.


Hibiscus Tea has a taste similar to cranberry juice and if added with sugar/honey, tastes sweeter, which goes along with the mood. A “fragrant, light and delicately floral Oolong” is one of the best teas to set the stage for the night. White tea is considered to be a better option as the blend of rose, lavender, mint and White tea is a known aphrodisiac. You could ditch that bottle of wine for a cup of Lemon Orange Darjeeling Tea, Rose Green or Platinum White Tea,


Waking up to a cup of White tea is one of the best mood-boosters one can get, especially in the morning time. White tea has the least amount of caffeine and contains bulks of anti-oxidants. It is also the least processed tea as a result of which it goes down smoothly. The famous Darjeeling tea or the Bombay Cutting chai injects a dose of warmth, flamboyance, fun and happiness. The chai is full-bodied with some spices, some acidity and nuanced sweetness. Want to up the focus in office? Sip a cup of Yerba Mate in order to raise alertness, productivity, attention span, and even work performance! Try our Lemon Orange Iced Tea, Lemon Mint Green, Classic Masala Chai and other products available at our online store.

Tea- which is already inculcated into many cultures is the most consumed hot beverage across all houses and offices in India and can be consumed at any time of the day. So, choose a favourite from the wide varieties of refreshing teas available here and brew a cup now!

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