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January 07, 2020 2 min read

In a country obsessed with tea, you will find tea sellers on every local street with tiny stalls selling some of the best Masala Chai in India. However, the modern generation is now embracing the idea of tea cafes on the lines of coffee boutiques, and it is actually working wonders for both entrepreneurs and customers.

Brewing Tea Sophisticatedly

Though previous generations loved to sit and chat at their local Chaiwallah, the younger counterparts prefer a modern and contemporary hangout where they can relish their favourite beverage. Capitalizing on the idea that most Indians wake up to Chai, rather than coffee, and have at least 2-3 cups in their daily routine, tea cafes have been steadily expanding since the last 15 years. Many tea cafes also offer their customers an opportunity to customize their chai and choose from a range of herbal, fruit and premium infusions.

The Advantages

Tea is comparatively cheaper than coffee, creating an affordability advantage for customers as well as café owners. Also, with so many options in tea and various health benefits associated with each kind, youngsters are getting to know their teas and are enjoying it with more passion than their coffees. Customers can experiment with their Chai in these modern cafes and can brew as many as 12,000 different variants. Technology is also helping the market of tea cafés grow exponentially with the help of social media and digital marketing. The popularity of tea cafes in India has also helped young entrepreneurs raise venture capital and fuel their dreams in a country that loves their tea.

Popular Tea Cafes

Some of the most popular chains of tea cafes in India along with ChaiSafari Franchise cafesinclude Chaayos, Chai Point, Chai Thela, Tpot, Tea Trails and Chai Garam amongst many others. Chaayos has made its distinction by offering Chai-on-demand and operates in over 16 cafes in Delhi and Mumbai. Tpot and Tea Trails offer affordable and delicious tea accompaniments along with gourmet tea flavours from around the world. The freshly-brewed tea in a warm and comfortable ambience has been inviting customers from all over the country to enjoy their cups at these trending cafes. ChaiSafari on the other hand partners with the existing cafes to serve premium quality fresh garden Teas, which the consumers can choose based on their moods. Each ChaiSafari partner café has a customised menu that aids th journey of choosing a tea for the consumers.

Tea lovers are now moving from spending their time at a coffee shop to going at a dedicated tea café that celebrates their love for tea and offers a great atmosphere for relaxation and conversations.

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